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Blessings upon blessings

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

From the Heart family,

We have lots to tell you all about this evening!!

The Lord was moving all day!!

this morning, we were able to meet up with Rachel Jones who had collected blankets, comforters, jackets and jeans!! (Thank you for all you do behind the scenes Rachel! We love you and appreciate you!)

First thing this evening, a lady named Micah, who had come for the first time last week just to help us serve, told us that she had felt more of God’s love last Thursday then she had ever felt in churches before. In the course of the last 7 days, she has given her heart and life to Jesus!!!!!!!!!

We started the night around 6:30, once we were completely set up, we had a line of people that seemed to never end! Everything for the meal this week was COMPLETELY donated.. the ministry didn’t have to spend a dime.. thank you Lord!

Last week, we ministered to a man named Robbie, who openly admitted he was ready to end his life. We were able to love on him, pray with him and ended the conversation telling him how valuable he is, how worthy he is, and that we hoped and prayed we would see him tonight. He did come tonight!! He was spiritually heavy, and he allowed himself to speak freely and honestly. He told us some things that had happened this week and we were able to love on him again. 3 different people that join us on Thursday’s were able to minister to him, pray with him, encourage him, and he was given the opportunity to start a job just as soon as he gets an ID.

The Lord didn’t stop there, He moved with an older gentleman and part of the group was able to minister to him as well!!

We ran completely out of food tonight (usually we will have at least a few things left over) and everyone that needed food received it. A total count of 125 meals were served, that is THE MOST we have ever had the blessing of serving!! God is soo good!!

Starting next week we will begin serving at 6pm, if you’d like to join us everyone is welcome!

Thank you Father for allowing us to be Your hands and feet! May You always get all glory, honor and praise! Continue to lead guide and direct our path! Bless all of the From the Heart family, for their faithfulness, generosity and continued prayers! Protect all of Your people as we go about our days, and allow us all to show Your light and Your love everywhere we go. In Jesus name, Amen

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