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Genesis 50:20

hey there friends!!!

y’all I don’t even know how to begin to describe the day we have had. Today was one of those days that seemed like for every step you take, you take 3 more backwards. Ever been there?

Every corner we turned was another dead end. Defeated and deplete, those are the words that come to mind.

We were being attacked from all sides!!

For those of you, who may not be aware, From the Heart feeds the homeless and less fortunate every Thursday night at 7pm.

We arrived at the square this evening around 6:30 to begin grilling some burgers. We had some regulars show up. We had some that come sporadically. As we waited for more burgers to finish cooking, we had 2 brand new faces show up. A man and a woman.

While they were waiting, we began a conversation. The man begins to tell me that he is so tired of living the life he has. He’s sick of being used, manipulated, deceived, and mistreated. He goes on to tell me that he sleeps next to a litter box. My heart broke.

I was able to share with him that I too, have been sick and tired of being sick of tired. I told him that there is hope, I asked him about going to rehab.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not kidding when I tell you his eyes LIT UP!! “Yes!” he replied. “ I’ve tried calling this place across from Dairy Queen!”

I know I was grinning from ear to ear.

”What if I told you, we could get you in a bed tonight? What if I told you it was the same owner?” ,I responded.

He was shocked, but a sense of relief and freedom fell over him.

He knew he was going to be okay after all!

Now I feel like I should pause here for just a second, and let you know that EVERY addict, ALWAYS has some sort of something they have to do first. Saying goodbye to “friends”, packing what few things they have left, getting high one more time... there is ALWAYS something.


This man proceeds to leave the square.... he is going to tell people goodbye, he’s going to help his sister, and he’s going to pack his belongings. Yall, we’ve heard this countless times, we knew there was a 70/30 chance that he would actually come back.

He called me about 30 minutes later, to make sure we were not going to leave him. Then he called a second time, to see if there was anything he couldn’t bring. THEN he sent his sister back to us, to “stall” us. We assured her, we would remain there until he came back.

I guess by this point, I have left you on the edge of your seat long enough.

Our new friend, “burn” (no I’m not making that up) is now a client at a recovery center!!!

I chose the title for this blog, because God will ALWAYS take what the enemy means for evil, and use it for His glory. Satan tried to steal our joy today, he tried to steal our love, he tried to make us empty vessels. But our God is greater. Our God is stronger. Our God fought when we didn’t feel like we could.

I hope you can cling to that tonight. If you feel like you are at the end of your rope, let go, and reach for the hem of His garment. He’s always there, He is always going to catch you. He is always turning evil to good.

All glory and honor and praise to God.

May he bless each and every one of you!

From our Heart to yours


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Sparks fly everywhere you girls go! The work you are doing, guided by the Holy Spirit, is something to behold. I continue to count myself lucky to know you and to marvel in your unending commitment to your ministry.

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