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He goes before me

Hello!! Happy Wednesday!!!

Growing up as a child and having parents that would ensure we were at church if the doors were open, I always loved Wednesday services!! The midweek fill up, a time with a meal and fellowship. Wednesday’s always seemed to be the days that friendships were born, relationships built, conversations about life and God, and then the Bible study.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think, I would eventually be a part of a ministry that would give me this same sense every single day!

2 weeks ago From the HEART was interviewed by LEX18, and we were on the news!!! Did you yell that in your head? Because we were yelling it at each other… “WE’RE ON THE NEWS!!!!!”

Last week, we recorded a 15 second radio ad, in a studio, with microphones and the speakers in the walls, the whole experience … WHAT?!

We all had such a great time, so many laughs, retakes, retakes of the retakes, full on belly laughs, the kind that remind you that you have abs!

Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to go to Campbellsville,KY. They were having an outreach to their homeless and less fortunate community. We were able to make sno cones AND make several new friends. Towards the end, 2 men showed up, asked where we were from, mentioned that they were in a band that had played in Somerset before. Right before they left, they asked for a ride to The Healing Place, a recovery center in Campbellsville. We overheard that conversation and said, YOU NEED A HEART BAG!! Their response: we got one 2 weeks ago!! *mindblown* God had brought 2 recipients right to us!!

last Thursday, we had to move from our normal spot for something that the city was having downtown. we made one phone call to God’s food pantry, and were allowed to cook and serve from their parking lot! Ain’t God good?! we cooked and served 75 cheeseburgers! We had 8 HUGE watermelons donated to us, by a local farm.

Deuteronomy 31:8 says: ' The LORD your God himself will cross over ahead of you. ... The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."

He has gone before us for almost a year now! Sometimes I really think we arrive at something super mind blowing, and He just leans back on His throne and chuckles. “Can you see how constantly I am working on your behalf?”

Today I challenge you to let the Lord your God go before you. Let Him guide your steps, your words, your actions and reactions. Trust the process, He is constantly working on your behalf!

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