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Here I am Lord, do Your Thang!

Good afternoon friends! We want to welcome you to something very new to us all. A Blog. Since the beginning of this ministry, we wanted to figure out a way to be able to keep track of and share our journey with all of our followers. Most days though, we get so caught up in the God moments that we forget to share.

The thought of beginning a ministry began on a Wednesday evening during church, when a group of guys came to our church from a local addiction recovery/rehab facility. As I was sitting there, I began to notice that only a couple of the guys from that facility had Bibles and began to think and pray about what it would take to get Bibles into the hands of every man in that facility.

At that time, Crystal, Angela, and I met on a weekly basis on Sunday evenings, and that was our "Girl Time". During our conversations on July 12, 2020, I mentioned to the girls that I had this idea stirring and wanted to see what they thought about it. Buying Bibles isn't cheap and we knew that this was a crazy idea. But God...

On July 13, 2020, we had all prayed and knew God was speaking to us all to begin this journey. So we all prayed together, " Lord, if you will provide us with 20 Bibles, we will give them to the people that need them". So we began researching and quickly realized that we may have jumped in over our heads. But God...

Within 24 hours, we had enough money donated to get 24 Bibles and enough donations to turn the gift of a Bible into a Bible Bag that would contain a Bible, devotional, journal, pens, highlighters, a note card, and a little handheld cross in a drawstring back pack. We were amazed!! Its not often that you will find any of us speechless, but we were. We got the items to place in our first round of bags and we took them to the same local rehab that came to our church. We were out of Bibles, but people kept ordering us drawstring backpacks in bulk! "Ok Lord, we aren't really sure what's going on but we have all of these bags, we need You to fill them and we will make sure they go where you want them to go. Here we are Lord, do Your thang! In Jesus name, Amen"

As of today, June 2, 2021, we are almost a year old, and that initial 20 bags has turned into over 700 bags. We try to get these bags into the hands of addicts entering into recovery centers so that they have the Word of God and tools to begin their journey to recovery with. They are able to cling to God during their darkest times.

I wanted you all to know our back story so that you could understand why we do what we do. There have been so many times that our calling hasn't been easy. There are times when we try to get discouraged. There are times when we are so scared of stepping outside of our comfort zones. But there are so many more times that God has showed up and revealed all that He is to us. So many more times that He has provided and so many more times that He has shown us that He is the One that goes before us and paves the way. I am reminded today that God didn't call us to begin a ministry on our own, He asked us to join in ministry with Him. It is for God's glory that we have given out 700+ bags to addicts, it is for God's glory that we feed almost 400 meals to people a month, and it is for God's glory that I write to you today.

Because blogging is a new to us thing, we welcome you to our "Blessing Journal".

We pray that your day is blessed!

Much Love,


From the HEART

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