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Today was an amazing day for the ministry.

We started by taking a long awaited trip to Springfield, Kentucky where we delivered 456 H.E.A.R.T. Bags to Crown Recovery Center. God was with us in a very real way. We loved on people. We encouraged them and they encouraged us. We were able to tour the facility and the grounds. It was a beautiful experience.

We headed home rejoicing at God's faithfulness.

Then we ended our evening by feeding on the square and distributing 155 meals. The rejoicing continued as we ministered to the people we know and to the new faces we met. We were afforded the opportunity to speak life into some of them when the Lord provided the open door. We are beginning to see prayers for many of the people we talk with answered.

We cannot thank God enough for the doors He opens every day and we are rejoicing with every single one.

Please continue to pray for God to lead us as we share Jesus with those individuals He puts in our path.

Rejoice--He is doing a new thing and we are excited about where it will take us.

We would like to thank Andrea Weddle and Terri Petercheff for joining us today. You assistance was treasured and your company a blessing.

We would, also, like to thank LeDonne Tidball for leading us in the reading of the Word of God and prayer before the meal. Sister, you ushered us into God's presence.

How can we stay silent at such a wonder filled day---We cannot because we are full to overflowing and rejoicing in the Lord.

Blessings to you all.

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