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There is never a coincidence with God

Today, we got the opportunity to take 25 HEART bags to a facility in Campbellsville, Ky. This facility had been waiting on bags for a little while and we were finally able to take bags to them.

Upon arrival, word got around fairly quickly that we were there. We gathered the bags and waited in the living room for the guys to get a break. We began talking to a guy that let us know that his daughter was killed while he was in the madness and tomorrow is her birthday. This is the first year that he has had to face this tragedy being sober. He became very vulnerable with us and showed some really raw emotions. As we went to pray for our new friend, some of the guys began to gather with us. It was a sweet moment that was made even sweeter by seeing a familiar face enter the room. You see, we don't believe in coincidence. We believe God uses us to be vessels for His will. The familiar face was a guy that we have served at the square during a feeding. We met this guy and loved on him for over a year. The last time we saw him, it was his birthday. We were led to strike up a conversation with him and he told us it was his birthday and he didn't remember how old he was. We immediately ran and got him a large blizzard and brought it back to him and sang "Happy birthday" to him. Later that night, he got arrested.

As we began talking to him today, he told us that he came to the square that night to get his meal and then he had every intention on going and killing himself. We showed him love that he hasn't been shown in a very long time and he told us that we saved him. Truth is, we didn't save him. God saved him. God sees good in us even we can't see good in ourselves. There are no coincidences with God.

Today, we praise God for Divine Appointments and we praise God for Divine Connections. We had every intention on blessing some guys in a recovery center today but in all reality, we were the ones left with cups overflowing and we give God all praise and glory!

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