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Always Faithful

Hallelujah! What a night!

The weather did not stop the move of the Holy Spirit amid the people we ministered to this evening. God moved among them in a very pure and real way.

We prayed with several of them. We were told repeatedly that they love us because we are there every Thursday no matter the weather. We were told they know we love Jesus because of how we treat them.

Blessing over blessing poured over the area as one after another opened up about who they are. There was laughter and tears but the joy that flowed was tangible.

People we had church. God is faithful....all..the..time!

Continue to pray for us as we serve our Father.

We would like to give a great big thank you to Kevin Hampton for ministering to us and others. And to John for bring additional supplies and ministering to the people with us.

Until next week, blessing and favor to all of you.

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